Petro and Biden in conversation today: Joe Biden wants a bilateral relationship on equal terms: Gustavo Petro | Politics

the president elect Gustavo Petro spoke for the first time after the elections on June 19. In interview with Snail News gave details about his conversation with the president of the United States Joe Biden, which he described as friendly and pleasant.

I really liked the conversation with Biden in two aspects. One, the tone; Very friendly. I would say of fellow politicians. And two, the one who mentioned that ‘what I want is a relationship in terms of equality‘. The Americas must speak face to face”, he pointed out.

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He also said that the dialogue took place quickly because he had a rapprochement with the progressive currents of the Democratic Party; “I believe that this accumulation allowed that within the North American State there is knowledge of what we are saying and of what we are.”

In addition, he referred to the call he had with the president of Venezuela Nicholas Maduroand said that “normalizing relations with Venezuela is not overnight. It is a process that must start, first of all, from the well-being of the people, starting with the border, which was the first point I spoke about.”

Petro also affirmed that there are common themes, and that whatever the conflict, political, social or economic, “there always has to be a bridge of dialogue”.

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