Peru celebrates its national holiday, with an investigated president | International

This July 28, within the framework of Peru’s independence festivities, President Pedro Castillo celebrates one year at the top of political power but with five investigations underway, for apparent corruption.

And not only surrounded by the Judicial branch but also by the Legislative branch, which with a right-wing majority, has tried to get him to resign through two attempts to remove him for “moral incapacity”, in a country that is accustomed to motions of censure. .

Given this, President Castillo has stated that it is a conspiracy of various powers in order not to let him govern. “My government has been the object of accusations from media and political sectors, an attempt has been made to build a cloak of darkness over our administration. They want to make the population believe that we are immersed in acts of corruption, a situation that I strongly reject,” Castillo stressed.

And the cherry that was missing from the cake is that the former Secretary of the Presidency, Bruno Pacheco, turned himself in to justice, after being a fugitive from her for 100 days, to testify about the scandal of alleged corruption, illicit enrichment and influence peddling .

Pacheco resigned in November of last year after $20,000 in cash was found on him in the bathroom of his office in the Casa de Pizarro, as the Government Palace is known.

Within the framework of these news Peru commemorates 201 years of Independence.

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