Pediatricians Urge Avoid Feeding Babies Homemade Formula in US: Pediatricians Urge Avoid Feeding Babies Homemade Formula in US | International

Pediatricians in the United States warn parents avoid making homemade baby formula recipes. Hospitals in various states of the country begin to register a increase in children hospitalized for malnutrition due to these milk substitutions.

In the middle of the shortage of baby formula in the countryparents, in their desperation to feed their children, have decided replicate homemade recipes they find on the internet to replace powdered milk.

These recipes include ingredients such as powdered goat’s milk and raw cow’s milk. But both the Food and Drug Administration as the American Academy of Pediatrics have issued warnings against these homemade formulas. They claim that you are milk substitutions do not offer the correct nutrients, not enough amounts and have caused calcium deficiencies in babies.

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Hospitals in several states of the country have raised the alarm for the increase in hospitalizations of babies with malnutrition as a result of these prescriptions.

The pediatricians have blamed social media, They affirm that they have failed to control the spread of this type of false and dangerous recipes that are widely shared and go viral on platforms such as Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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