Peace Process: Those kidnapped for extortion purposes were searched even in the yellow pages | Judicial

Advances the second day of hearings in which The ex-FARC recognize before the victims the war crimes and crimes against humanity for the kidnappings.

The last secretariat of the extinct FARC apologized for the extortive kidnappingsfor treating their victims like merchandise, for charging even for the corpses and exchanging hostages.

Kidnapping for extortion purposes was a policy implemented by this armed group to obtain economic support.. They even asked for up to two million dollars for five kidnappings as fees for the different fronts, which went as far as looking for their kidnapped through the telephone directory, yellow pages and magazines to comply with the orders.

Pastor Alape was the first to apologize for the cruelty with which the hostages were treated and assured that the ranchers were the most affected because they were the ones who had the most at hand.

Joaquín Gómez assumed his responsibility in this extortionary practice that led to treating people like merchandise and even collecting ransoms for delivering the corpses. and also exchanges of hostages to pressure the delivery of the money they requested.

Héctor Mahecha’s father paid the Farc for vaccines and even so he was kidnapped, and his son was exchanged for his father and spent six months in captivitythen they had to leave Tolima so that they extorted more from us.

Rodrigo Londoño, Timochenko assured that they as commanders are the most responsible for this cruelty and that there are no bad guerrillas, but bad commanders and reiterated the shame they feel when listening to everything that happened in the midst of the criminal policy of kidnappings.

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