Peace Process: “The FARC are a cancer in Colombia and should never have existed”: Victims | Judicial

On this day, kidnappings for extortion purposes were addressed. In the stories of the victims, the pain caused by the family breakup was evident because in captivity they told the victim that their children did not want to pay for their ransom..

Two older adults kidnapped Héctor Ángulo from his parents and were later murdered. His fight has been going on for more than 20 years and he was able to find the remains of his mother, but his father is still missing and he hopes that what he is saying is not to put a tombstone on top of him because in the past he was a target of the Farc for looking for his parents.

Eduard Díaz witnessed the kidnapping of his father when he was a child, today at 34 years old he assures that the ExFARC are a cancer in Colombia that should not have existed and demands that his father’s name be cleared.

Rodrigo Londoño, Timochenko, assured that the extortive kidnappings were a mistake and that they take full responsibility as command.

Tomorrow, on the third and final day, the kidnappings for social control will be addressed.

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