PAZ : Cuba would continue to host talks with the ELN | Politics

The elected president, Gustavo Petroreferred to the offer made by the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, for that territory to be the venue for the dialogues with the ELN, he also left the door open for other countries to be as well.

“Today there is already a place, which was the one used by Colombia in the Santos government, Havana. It did not go well for Cuba because then they turned it into the excuse for a diplomatic offensive against that country. We have spoken with the Cuban ambassador, here present, the restart of the protocol, suspendedof a diplomatic nature, allows the continuity of the ELN talks there, the Cuban government will be the one to decide if it wants to stay as hostif the Norwegian government wants to maintain its role as guarantor, which it was, that can be opened to other countriesSpain has expressed provisions around helping the Colombian peace process and now the Republic of Chile, undoubtedly all of Latin America,” he added.

Regarding the dialogues with the ELN and an eventualhe ceasefire with that group outside the law, he assured that: “It is a first objective and that it would automatically bring less violence, from the outset. The complexity of the process with the ELN goes further, but the bilateral ceasefire, which I would like to extend to other types of armed organizations that are swarming in the country, is a good start because it would reduce by one the number of deaths from violence in the country”.

The elected government has stated that its intention is for there to be complete peace in the country.

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