Pasto sanctioned dog: Pasto, sanctioned with a million dollar fine for a dog | Sports

sporty grass was sanctioned in the most recent resolution of the Disciplinary Committee of the Dimayor, after violating article 78 of the CDU of the Colombian Football Federation in the game against Unión Magdalena of the fourth date of the League, all because of a dog.

The Nariñense team must pay five million pesos after the presence of the canine in the Libertad Departmental stadium, who entered the field of play at the end of the commitment, taking five minutes before he could be caught and removed from the field.

“When the 85th minute of the game was passing, a dog entered the field of play. The game was stopped for a time of 5 minutes while the dog was caught to remove it from the field of play.”the referee wrote in his match report Wander Mosquera.

Paragraph d of article 78 of the CDU of the FCF indicates that it is constituted as a sanctionable infraction “to the club that without authorization from the organizer of the tournament or without just cause accepted by the referee, modify the official schedule of the matchdelay its beginning or continuation or do not appear in a timely manner for the formal acts”.

Pasto ended up falling in said commitment 1-2 against Unión Magdalenalosing his undefeated record in the tournament and first place against the samariums.

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