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For different reasons, people need to do different paperwork around the passporteither ask for it for the first timerenew it or issue it again due to loss, for this it is necessary to request an appointment before the Colombian Foreign Ministry.

This time it will be explained how to make an appointment for the first time at the Foreign Ministry to be passport issuedthat it is necessary to leave the countryregardless of whether there is a visa or binational agreement with different nations.

How do you make an appointment to get your passport for the first time?

At this time, the scheduling is virtual, so the person should go to the following address: there you will be able to see the availability of time and date for your appointment, to issue for the first time the passport.

What requirements must be met or what documentation must be submitted?

One of the requirements or demands is that the person who requested it must go to the appointment, you cannot designate another person for this procedure.

If you are of legal age, you must present the original identity card, password for the first time issued by the National Registry of Civil Status and a copy of the civil registry of birth issued by the notary, registrar or consul. It is not necessary to bring photos.

You can also present the “password issued by request of duplicate or renewal of the citizenship card issued by the National Registry of Civil Status which must be accompanied by the online consultation of the certificate of validity of the card advanced by the issuing office through of the website of the National Registry of Civil Status”, says the Colombian Foreign Ministry.

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