Parliamentarians from around the world support energy transition plan in Colombia | International

The movement “Call from Parliamentarians for a future free of fossil fuels” sent a letter to the incoming president of Colombia, Gustavo Petroand his vice-presidential formula, France Marquezexpressing support for proposals to reduce the use of fossil fuels to address the climate crisis.

“Your proposals to face the climate crisis, work for climate justice and achieve a planned, gradual and just transition away from fossil fuel extraction are a welcome example of the kind of leadership that the world needs today”, highlights the document signed by more than 80 parliamentarians from at least 30 countries around the world.

In the letter, the parliamentarians also acknowledge that fulfilling everything promised during the campaign is complicated, which is why they assure that both the group of parliamentarians together with “hundreds of civil society leaders, scientists and academics” They are prepared to help the Colombian government and its Congress meet these goals.

“What unites us is the desire/goal to end further exploration for fossil fuels, plan a progressive and equitable reduction in productiondevelop a just transition and ensure cooperation, support and global agreements to make these policies a reality”, the letter concludes.

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