Panama has received more than 46,000 migrants in 6 months | International

The Minister of Public Security of Panama (Minseg), Juan Manuel Pinorevealed that between January and June 2022 they have recorded the passage of 46,425 people in their migratory reception stations (ERM) located on the borders with Costa Rica and Colombia.

Under this figure, Pino highlights that the migratory flow has increased in one year, considering that during the first semester of 2021 registered 26,216 irregular migrants in transit to North America

According to the Minseg, the use of its migratory reception stations has allowed the passage of migrants not to have serious effects on their communities and, incidentally, allows counting every person who arrives in the country crossing through the Darién jungle.

Despite this, there are organizations such as Unicef ​​and other humanitarian organizations that warn that in the ERM there is a serious situation of overcrowding and that, in some cases, there have been human rights violations.

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