Opening of the border Iván Duque: Duque: opening of the border should serve to capture and extradite dissidents | Politics

President Ivan Duke He referred to the approaches maintained by the president-elect Gustavo Petro and the Government of Venezuelaand said they are “to open the borders and restore the full exercise of human rights”.

The head of state clarified that the borders with that country are open for pedestrian crossing and assured that what needs to be worked on is the issue of securityHowever, he said that beyond reestablishing relations, it must be guaranteed that the Venezuelan side ‘does not coexist with the terrorism‘.

“The important thing is that we continue to guarantee that on the Venezuelan side there is no coexistence with terrorismbecause there is Pablito, he is Anthony Garcia and this Ivan Marquez, then let them catch them and extradite to show Colombia that there is willingness to collaborate with our country,” said the president..

Since February 2019 Colombia suspended the relationships diplomatic with that country, after Nicholas Maduro expel Colombian diplomatic and consular personnel.

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In addition, the political relationss between the two countries have remained tense in recent years, because the government of President Duque never recognized Nicolas Maduro and has offered its support to Juan Guaido as “chairman in charge”.

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