On the way to Antioquia they attacked a caravan of the Police and the National Army | 6AM Today by Today

The Policeman and the National Army They were escorting a caravan of private cars on their way to Antioch Course to Uraba, in the sector between Dabeiba and Santa Fe de Antioquia were intercepted by a explosive devicefor which two people died and two others are seriously injured.

Luis Fernando Suarez, Secretary of the Government of AntioquiaHe was in 6 AM from Caracol Radio talking about what happened.

Regarding the state of health of the two injured people, Suárez affirmed that “from the government of Antioquia we managed to coordinate so that the soldier from the Army and the patrolman Policeman were transferred by ambulance to a hospital in the city of Medellin. They are with serious injury but well cared for, we hope they recover soon.”

The secretary assured that they seek to restore the mobility in that corridor, between Medellin, Santa Fe de Antioquia Y Uraba, with the accompaniment of the public force. “This is quite a complex path, the terrorists of the Gulf Clan They carry out this attack that leads to this sad balance but we go with all the strength of the institutionality”.

“Our orientation is to ask the National government and to Ministry of Defence greater presence of the public force in this road corridor that is strategic for Antioquia where the Gulf ClanSuarez stated.

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