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In 6AM Today by Today Francisco José Lloreda, president of the Colombian Petroleum Association, spoke about the statement that “Colombia It would have to see the need to start importing gas in 2026 and oil in 2028″.

He commented that there is no contradiction in what the National government and the Reserves Report. 2021 saw a significant increase in the price of oil, and this clearly makes extracting it more expensive.

“The important thing is that the country is facing two energy scenarios. One in sustainability and growth of the industry and the other, the commitment to destroy the oil and gas industry in Colombia,” he said.

Lloreda reiterated that the country must understand the importance of the sector and make it self-sufficient over time. Thus, one of the scenarios that arises is the weakening of this industry, which would have consequences over time.

“Regardless of the political, Colombia must understand the importance of this industry for the next decade. There are two scenarios: one of continuity and another in which the exploratory Activity, generating a gradual decline in oil production in Colombia,” said Lloreda.

Similarly, he recalled the lessons learned from the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and that is that both countries need these resources and achieve a responsible energy transition.


Colombia would stop investing 20 billion pesos in hydrocarbons, and in the next 4 years, in fiscal income for the Nation, 13 billion less.

Listen to the full interview on Caracol Radio

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