Oil: Colombia has oil reserves for 7.6 years | Economy

Colombia managed to increase its oil and gas reserves in 2021, confirmed the Minister of Mines, Diego Mesa, and the president of the ANH, Armando Zamora.

He pointed out that in the case of crude oil reserves they amounted to 2,309 million, which is enough for 7.6 years.

According to the president of the National Hydrocarbons Agency, Armando Zamora, the highest oil production is reported in the departments of Meta, Casanare, Santander and Boyacá.

For its part, gas reserves amounted to 3.1 tera, which is enough for 8 years. The great production is reported in the departments of Casanare, Guajira, Córdoba and Boyacá.

The Minister of Mines, Diego Mesa, stated that the country needs to invest some US$ 3,000 million annually or otherwise, in the short term, production could fall by an average of 25%.

He stated that if this requirement is not met, it would be inevitable for the country to start importing oil and gas in the short term.

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