Odebrecht Corruption: Odebrecht Case: Former Senator ‘Ñoño’ Elías, Banned for 12 Years for Corruption | Judicial

The Attorney General’s Office dismissed and disqualified former senator Bernardo Miguel Elías Vidal for 12 years for acts of corruption.

The control entity found that the former senator, taking advantage of his status as a member of the Third Commission of the Senate, in charge of studying and debating matters related to the budget of revenues and expenses of the Nation, to exercise political influence and thus achieve the signing of the addition of the contract corresponding to the Ocaña-Gamarra section of the Ruta del Sol – Section II, to Odebrecht.

For these efforts to obtain benefits and favorable decisions for that company, the former congressman received around 1,600 million pesos from the Odrebrecht firm between 2012 and 2014.

The Public Ministry pointed out that former senator Bernardo Miguel Elías Vidal violated the principles of morality and transparency that govern the public function, and sanctioned him for two disciplinary charges classified as very serious offenses committed by intent.

Although in the development of the disciplinary process, the former congressman accepted his responsibility in the events, the ruling that is of first instance can be appealed before the office of Attorney Margarita Cabello.

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