Noticias Tolima: A well-known fan of Deportes Tolima died in a traffic accident | Ibague

Like Óscar Giovanny González Silva, 28 years old, The motorcyclist who lost his life in a traffic accident that occurred on Saturday morning on 80th Street with Guabinal Avenue was identified.

Although the young man was transferred by the city’s ambulance system to Clinica Nuestra, He lost his life after suffering severe head trauma and closed chest trauma.

Gonzalez Silva He managed to be treated by the doctors on duty, who decided to admit him to the Intensive Care Unit.but hours later he lost the battle.

According to the Ministry of Mobilitythe hypothesis that is handled is the speeding that caused the instability of the motorized that was transferred to a hospital center.

“On the Jordan Sixth Stage neighborhood, around 7:00 in the morning, The accident occurred, initially injuring the driver of the motorcycle with the ADZ 45 E license plate.which had a lateral shock at the height of this sector”, mentioned Miguel Saavedra, Secretary of Mobility (e).

Óscar Giovanny González was a recognized follower of Deportes Tolima, so barristas and friends came to the medical center to accompany their family in this difficult moment.

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