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the welsh striker Gareth Balewho ends contract with real Madridcould return to his country to play with the cardiff the championshipthe second category of English football, admitted their agents to the BBC Wales.

After nine seasons at Real Madrid, where he has experienced the best and worst of football, the 32-year-old he would be willing to return to his hometown and even play in the Championship in order to prepare for the World Cup in Qatarafter having played a key role in the historic qualification of the modest Welsh team for the World Cup.

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Since it became known that he was not going to continue at Real Madrid, the press has reported the possibility that Bale would end up in the American professional league (MLS) or in clubs English Premier League like Tottenham or Newcastle, but their agents admitted to British public television that they were in negotiations with the president of the ‘Bluebirds’, Mehmed Dalman.

Winner of five Champions Leagues with the Madrid club, Bale already declared a month ago that he is not opposed to playing in a more modest team.

“I don’t know if there is a big difference in the level of play. In the end, a soccer game is a soccer game,” he summed up.

“I need time to reflect on what is best for me, my family, my children and I hope everything works out this summer“, he added.

The signing for Cardiff iIt would imply a huge financial sacrifice compared to the 700,000 euros a week that he earned at Real Madrid, but his agent Jonathan Barnett assured in recent weeks that Bale “would not move for money.”

Bale even appeared this Wednesday at the Cardiff City training center, although the capital club shares facilities with the Welsh Football Association medical services.

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