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Recently FIFA unveiled the World Cup venues for the United States, Mexico and Canada which will be played in 2026 and which will be the first in history with 48 teams. Teams such as the Colombian one are already beginning to prepare to achieve a quota in said orbital event, although The places in each continent will be increased.

For said World Cup, Europe will have 16 slots, Africa 9.5, Asia 8.5, North America 6.5, Oceania 1.5 and South America 6.5. Said increase in places for Conmebol would make them rethink the way in which the Qualifiers are played to increase competitiveness, taking into account that only three teams will be eliminated.

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Back to group format

According to a version that has run in recent days, the South American Qualifiers would return to be played in groups and they would forget about the all against all that has developed in recent years.

There would be two groups of five teams each, but the confrontations would be with the rivals of the other painting. The first two of each zone go straight ahead to the Worldcup. Those who occupy positions 3 and 4 would face each other in round-trip matches and the winners get the ticket, while the two teams that lose will compete for the playoff spot.

With this way of facing the Qualifiers, Conmebol would give excitement to the competition, since the fight to enter directly (first two places) would be the main objective looking to escape ‘kill kills’ that could keep them from reaching the World Cup.

However, there is nothing official on the part of Conmebol, that if it makes a decision, it must do so before December of this year, since the route to the 2026 World Cup would begin in March 2023.

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