New Liberalism Resignations: Mabel Lara and Yolanda Perea presented their resignation from the New Liberalism party | Politics

Through a letter, the former candidates for Senate for him New Liberalism Mabel Lara and Yolanda Perea presented their resignation to the party, considering that the same decided not to accompany the people who expressed themselves through the polls choosing to Gustavo Petro as the new President of the Republic.

“The regions and minorities of Colombia spoke, and they spoke forcefully: they want something else. We would be wrong to betray the trust shown by all citizens who have believed in what has been our political conviction”, they affirmed in the letter.

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They stressed that at first they decided to accept being in the New Liberalism because “we did it on the ideological basis of liberal progressivism, which consisted, fundamentally, in retake the liberal principles of democratic openness and active participation of the popular sectors”.

However, his decision changed when the party took the option of “accompany a presidential candidacy that represented continuity and not changelater, he decided to go against the majority, declaring himself independent of the change”.

They stated that they respected differences of thought, but that they will be consistent with their ideas and decisions supporting the new government.

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