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Nelson Abbeytechnical director of the Colombian women’s teamspoke with the program 6AM Today by Today of Radius Snail, where he referred to the current situation of his team, after qualifying for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand and the Olympic Games in Paris. the strategist asked for more support for women’s football from private companies and told how the preparation for the next tournaments will be.

Of what was done in the Copa América

“We knew what had been worked on and achieved with the National Team. Not only with this one, but with the other two categories that had classified the World Cups. Beforehand we already had clear what purposes we had, the growth of Colombian soccer, not only now in this tournament, but in what has been growing through recent tournaments. The fact that this same team won the gold medal in the Pan American Games, these achievements of having a very good tournament and the positioning that Colombian women’s soccer is having in the South American context and in the world context”.

Preparation for the World Cup

“We are clear that the dates FIFA They give us the opportunity to reunite the entire National Team again and, as we did prior to the Copa América tournament, having all the FIFA dates in which our players perform is very beneficial. We had 14 games before the Copa América and now we aspire to have a large number of games, warm-ups and the players who are not in competition, try to keep them active with work microcycles“.

Did you delay in the changes?

“That is the reiterative question always, after each game they talk about the changes. That question is not asked of me but of all the technicians in the world. Because sometimes the changes happen or they don’t happen, why at time, sometimes the player reacts in that same action of the game.That is a repeated question that is always asked. No one but the technicians know their players and even more so now with that GPS instrument that gives you the exact moment when the player is tired. The first 10 minutes of the second half Brazil tried to absorb Colombia, but Colombia reacted and ended up submitting Brazil to the game that we wanted and that says a lot about the personality and character of our team“.

When do microcycles start?

“The microcycles start from the second half of August. We are going to give them rest and many of them go to their clubs at the beginning of the preseason and some others go to Libertadores, that competition is also favorable for what we want from here to the World Cup and the Olympics”.

Rivals of the next friendlies

“We are looking to have preparation with World Cup teams, already like this informal conversation, when I already sent the emails to the Federation. There has been talk of matches in Europe and matches with teams that go to the World Cup, which are the ones that are going to demand of us”.

A message to the private company

“I am convinced that women’s football with our National Team and our National Teams that are going to the World Cup have shown all the talent, all the capacity that our players have and that the company is in default of being sponsors of the teams, It is already known that there will be good publicity and more the media that are promoting women’s football so much”.

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