Nelly Villamizar PTAR: Investigation of Magistrate Nelly Villamizar opened by PTAR Salitre | Judicial

Caracol Radio learned that the Judicial Discipline Commission opened an investigation against Judge Nelly Yolanda Villamizardenounced by the Designated Minister of the Environment, Susana Muhamadfor allegedly failing a decision to ffavor the contractors of the project to treat the wastewater of Bogotá and that presents serious delays and several irregularities.

The judgment signed by Judge Mauricio Fernando Rodríguez Tamayo opens the investigation to Nelly Villamizar in her capacity as magistrate of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarcaindicates that the judicial official would have incurred, among other crimes, in the “alleged excess of functions in the processing of the incident of contempt.”

In addition, he is accused of “issuing judicial decisions for which he presumably did not have jurisdiction in his capacity as a popular judge, and which were the exclusive knowledge of the judge of the contract. Presumed favoring of the contractor or individuals through the issuance of orders in the course of the incident of contempt”, says the document.

Adds the document that could adopt measures possibly aimed at constrain or induce the CAR Cundinamarca or the Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogotá (EAAB)“so that certain benefits were recognized to the CEPS contractor, executor of the work contract.”

The investigation seeks to determine whether Judge Villamizar made judicial decisions that were allegedly contrary to law, “such as authorizing the deposit of biosolids in a manner contrary to the contractual clauses and applicable environmental regulations and licenses; summon hearings urgently and without the concert of all interested parties”

It must also be determined whether precautionary measures were decreed “with the purpose of ignoring possible breaches by the contractor against the contractual clauses related to the terms and conditions of execution of the PTAR Salitre”, as well as whether it unduly intervened in the execution of a contract. state, by ordering the Controller, “the IVK Consortium, the receipt of agreed benefits without the studies and technical evidence required and agreed for that purpose,” among others.

With the opening of this investigation, it is ordered to collect the testimonies of those involved and collect the evidence to determine whether or not Judge Villamizar incurred in the reported crimes.

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