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the vice president Martha Lucia Ramirez I travel to Washington D.C. for the signing of the agreement Sagebrush on the POT which seeks to strengthen cooperation in space exploration. Likewise, the also chancellor will participate in a forum for the 10 years of the FTA Come in United States and Colombia.

In the morning, the vice president Martha Lucia Ramirez along with the Minister of Science and Technology, Tito Crissienand the ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzon will sign the agreement Sagebrush on the POT under the principles of Outer Space Treaty. This will strengthen the cooperation of Colombia in space exploration and exploitation on the moon, mars and other celestial bodies.

The intentional program Sagebrush of manned flight has the objective of bringing the first woman on the moon in 2024, and in the long term lay the foundations so that private companies can send humans to Mars as of 2033.

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In the afternoon, the Vice President will participate in the Academic Forum “The First 10 Years of the FTA between the United States and Colombia”in the building Ronald Regan, together with the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Maria Ximena Lombana where they will present a balance of the commercial ties between both countries.

In this event will be entrepreneurs from amazonofficials of the Inter-American Development Bank and Congressmen Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Kevin Brady, the minority leader of the House Ways and Means committee, who will address the treaty.

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