My commitment to the archipelago will be until the last of my sighs: Duke

Accompanied by members of his cabinet and national entities, President Iván Duque was at the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina pTo present a balance of the actions carried out by the National Government to serve the population that was affected after the passage of hurricane IOTA.

During his visit, the Head of State delivered some works that were pending and highlighted the work that was done in the company of the territorial authorities, assured that the reconstruction was the most fast and ambitious that has been developed in Colombia and answered some questions.

“A lot of people tried tocer mockery of what was talked about in the first 100 days, it makes me happy to see that in those days the reconstruction plan faster and more ambitious than has been done in any municipality in the country,” said the president.

Duque assured that his work for the island will continue beyond his mandate and recalled that the projects that are still underway have the budget ready, so they must culminate.

“The only thing I want is that those who succeed me in the Presidency always have the same love for the Archipelago that I have had, I who have never been influenced by ideologies, nor by politicization. My government ends on August 7, but the projects that are underway have a budget, they have assured resources, they have a management and execution unit, these projects have to culminate”, he added.

Regarding the dispute with Nicaragua, the president recalled that “he was never willing to give not even 1 mm of the territory of our country, always preferring diplomatic tensions to give up some of our sovereignty

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