Murdered Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci: A reckoning for the investigations he carried out: Hugo Velásquez | Noon News

In the noon news of Caracol Radio he spoke Hugo Velásquez, Vice President of the Republic of Paraguay. Who, with his broken voice, reminded the Paraguayan anti-drug prosecutor, Marcelo Peci, murdered in Cartagena.

“For us, what we are experiencing as a country is an indescribable pain. He was a colleague of mine Public ministryI know him very well, an emblematic person, completely honest, he was one of those who carried out the fight against organized crime”.

Velasquez described Marcello Pecci as an excellent professional, a humble person with values ​​for what he did in his work. Also, because they coincided in the same soccer club in their country.

Regarding the fight against crime and drug trafficking in his country, he assured that his government is facing it like never before in history, with very strong blows and acting openly against crime.

“Organized crime is always one step ahead of the law, and I think that if this would be part of a scheme by organized crime to settle accounts for him for an investigation he did or was doing and also to try to intimidate the institutions republicans”, said the vice president of Paraguay.

Velásquez called on the authorities of Colombia and the United States to support the investigations to find the perpetrators of this criminal act.

Operative ‘To the extreme’

“It is an operation with various security agencies from different countries, in which, by collecting information, we were hitting organized crime and people that no one could believe were involved in drug trafficking before. This operation is still ongoing,” concluded the vice president.

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