Murder of police officers: More than 80 municipalities at risk due to the Clan del Golfo’s pistol plan | Judicial

At the end of the liturgical ceremony at the Religious Center of the National Police, in homage to the 36 soldiers killed this year18 by the Gulf Clan, the director of that institution, General Jorge Luis Vargas, indicated that there are 82 municipalities at risk against the intentions of organized armed groups to attempt against the lives of soldiers and police.

The senior officer announced the deployment of 400 members of the Carabineros Directorate for the regions most affected by the Clan del Golfo.

“We have special teams that are carrying out checks at the entrances to the towns and the Police air service is distributed in Bajo Cauca Antioquia, south of Córdoba and Bolívar”, he indicated.

With the municipal mayors and governors, restrictions on trade and mobility are being agreed, such as the prohibition of the circulation of motorcycles and the closing of establishments at certain times.

“Avoid conglomerations and meetings during these days in sensitive towns, where we know that ‘Chiquito Malo’ has given the instructions to attack soldiers and police”, said General Vargas, who added that in those areas they suspended vacations and permits for the uniformed men.

In the last 4 days they have been killed 11 suspected criminals linked with the so-called “pistol plan” against members of the Institution. This during operations carried out in Urabá, Sucre and Cartagena.

Offensive operations against the Clan del Golfo continue throughout the country, according to Defense Minister Diego Molano. “Colombia cannot tolerate that these criminals put a price on the lives of the policeit seems that the interests of the perverse (ELN, FARC dissidents and Clan del Golfo) have joined to position themselves in future political negotiations”, he reiterated.

At this time, according to General Jorge Luis Vargas, there is a special strategic deployment in the department of Chocó and operational results are expected in the coming days.

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