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The world set off the alarms for the spread of this disease and in Colombia the authorities raised the moderate to high alertnessfor the identification of 15 positive monkeypox samples.

Cundinamarca, Valle, Antioquia and Risaralda have infected people, as well as Bogotá, which presents the majority of the cases. detected cases and the increased risk of transmission of the virus.

The worrying thing is that it is not known how two people became infected, and this increases the epidemiological risk because according to the National Institute of Health, a man in Pereira and another in Bogotá have not provided sufficient information to establish the source of your infection.

The Ministry of Health decided that the risk of community transmission of the virus in Colombia should go from moderate to high, since it is probable that the Monkeypox is circulating in the country and that there will be clear links with travel or travelers from abroad.

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Faced with this, the health authorities are contemplating the possibility of starting the vaccination What containment mechanismto reduce the spread of the disease, especially at this time when the virus has not begun to circulate in such an active way.

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