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After June 19 in which Gustavo Petro was elected as the next president of Colombiadifferent names continue to be confirmed that will make up the cabinet of the member of the Historical Pact, taking into account the different ministries.

This is how the cabinet of ministers of Gustavo Petro goes

Iván Velásquez Gómez, Minister of Defense

This was announced by the elected president, Gustavo Pretro. Ivan Velasquez He was an assistant magistrate. “Our defense minister will be the former auxiliary magistrate of the Supreme Court responsible for the judicial investigation against parapolitics and former UN commissioner responsible for the commission against corruption and impunity in Guatemala: Dr. Iván Velásquez Gómez,” said Gustavo Petro in his official Twitter account.

Velasquez, originally from Medellinwas a member of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, auxiliary magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice, regional director of Prosecutors of Medellín, magistrate of the Council of State, departmental attorney of Antioquiaamong others.

José Antonio Ocampo, Minister of Finance

Jose Antonio Ocampo he is one of the most important names in the cabinet because he was chosen as the next Minister of Finance for the next four years, something to keep in mind in financial and tax issues and future in the country.

Who is Jose Antonio Ocampo? Finance Minister Profile by Petro

The new Minister of Finance of the Government of President-elect Gustavo Petro is the economist and sociologist José Antonio Ocampo who has been leading the joint team in the finance and public credit sector.

Alvaro Leyva Durán, Gustavo Petro’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs

Through your account Twitterthe president elect Gustavo Petro announced that his Minister of Foreign Affairs will be the conservative Alvaro Leyva Duran. This appointment is the first of the cabinet confirmed by Petro.

“Alvaro Leyva Durán will be our Minister of Foreign Affairs. It will be a Foreign Ministry for Peace. Colombia will contribute all its efforts to the world to overcome the climate crisis, and we expect all the efforts from the world to overcome our endemic violence,” said the future Chief of Condition.

Patricia Ariza, Gustavo Petro’s new Minister of Culture

Patricia Ariza He was born on January 27, 1946 in Vélez, Santander, he studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of Colombia from 1967 to 1969 and his great teachers are Enrique Buenaventura and Santiago García, artists and art philosophers.

Ariza is recognized for being a great poet, but also a great playwright. In 1966, she founded the La Candelaria Theater together with Santiago García and other artists. She too, she is founder and director of the festival ‘Women on Stage for Peace’, which seeks to highlight the role of women in theater, and the Alternative Theater Festival (Festa).

Carolina Corcho, Minister of Health

Gustavo Petropresident-elect, confirmed in WRadius that Carolina Corcho will be the new Health Minister. This announcement was joined by Cecilia López as Ministry of Agriculture and Susana Muhamed as environment.

“She (Carolina Cork) She is a doctor from Antioquia, born in Medellín. She is a medical surgeon and then he did another one called psychiatric medicine, with a long journey in health issues,” Petro said.

Susana Muhammad, Minister of the Environment

During an interview in WRadius the new president Gustavo Petro mentioned three ministers who will be with him in his government. In this sense, he indicated that Susana Muhamad will be the Minister of the Environment. On the other hand, he highlighted that Carolina Corcho will be in the Ministry of Health and Cecilia López will be the new Minister of Agriculture.

Cecilia López, Minister of Agriculture

This July 5 the new president Gustavo Petro took advantage of the interview WRadius to mention three ministers who will accompany him in his government. In this regard, he indicated that Cecilia Lopez will be the new agriculture minister. On the other hand, he highlighted that Carolina Cork will be in the Ministry of Health and Susana Muhamad will be the Minister of Environment.

Alejandro Gaviria, Minister of Education

As he anticipated Confidential of the 12 Noon Newscast of Caracol Radio, the new Minister of Education will be the former rector of the University of Los Andes, Alexander Gaviria.

The announcement was made by the president-elect himself, stating: “Alejandro Gaviria will be our new Minister of Education. It has as challenges achieve public and free higher education, achieve public university centers of excellence focused on research substantially increase the number of boys and girls in preschool”he indicated.

Ministers Gustavo Petro / Caracol Radio

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