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In Mexico shock continues over the death of Debanhi Escobar, the girl from 18 years who disappeared on April 9 and whose body was found two weeks later in the tank of a motel in the state of New Lion.

The newspaper The Country America had access to independent forensic report requested by his family, which rules out an alleged accident as the State Attorney’s Office said.

The report indicates that Debanhi was hit several times with a “blunt agent” in the head and killed before reaching the tank. According to the text revealed by the newspaper, the young woman suffered an “intracranial hemorrhage that caused a neurogenic shock, damage to the nervous system and in turn a respiratory faliure“.

It also indicates that the young woman’s body had traces of a violent sexual relationship due to bruises and bruises near his genitals.

The Prosecutor’s Office has not said anything about the abuse and only reports a blow to the head and that is why he fell into the tank. That led to the hypothesis that she drowned in the tank, but this one only had 90 centimeters deep.

The forensic report speaks of blows to the frontal region of the skull, to the eyelids, to the side of the nose, to the lips and to one ear. The doctor who performed the autopsy stated that “they are contusions of external origin to the body“and being intense and from different angles, they would have been caused by someone else in what is a violent death.

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In addition, the report rules out injuries in the neck, in the so-called hiote bone or in the carotids, thus affirming that there was no death by suffocationstrangulation or obstruction of breathing holes.

the father of the girl, mario escobar, has given the fight so that the Prosecutor’s Office tells how the death really was, because don’t believe the official report and this independent report confirms it. The authorities of New Lion have been accused of negligence and even the Security Secretary admitted human erroras the motel had been searched four times before the body was found.

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