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Jorge Ivan Ospina, Mayor of Cali, spoke on 10AM Hoy por Hoy about the multiple aspects of public order that the city is experiencing.

Salsa as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation

On the one hand, the mayor of Cali expressed his joy at the declaration of the sauce as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation. Additionally, he pointed out the advantages that this declaration brings to the city, “it serves for cultural tourism, the world wants to know the cultural processes of other peoples, it serves as a safeguard plan to evolve in the genre,” Ospina mentioned.

On the other hand, the president himself expressed that “Salsa serves as a meeting space regardless of social class, it is a genre that was born in the popular neighborhoods but that today even in the higher strata identify with it”.

Salsa caleña emerges in the working-class neighborhoods where they remain the epicenter of this genre but also one of the higher crime rate. Regarding this issue, the mayor mentioned that “Cali is not exempt from the social unrest and crime that hit not only the country but several countries” and that it was also vitally important that they delve into optimal solutions that address this common problem.

Mexican posters in Cali?

In recent months, concern has grown that it is Mexican criminal groups who are operating in the city; however, the mayor pointed out that: “they are beginning to take their first steps, not yet as territorial appropriations but in the expressions of drug trafficking and drug exports from the Colombian Pacific” and although they are not fully certain of these operations, it is prudent advance measures that make it impossible to appropriate the territory in criminal hands.

To this end, the mayor of Cali said that the best way to reduce drug trafficking is to have “an informed community, and not withdraw the institutional presence in all possible spaces”.

How is Cali in terms of homicides?

Cali has one of the highest homicide rates in the country, so far this year there have been registered 1200 violent deaths. As Mayor Ospina said, despite the lurid figures. “We have been reducing homicides by 23% and we are the city that reduces violent mortality the most.”

After the social explosion that occurred in 2021, in which, as the mayor mentioned, “a civil war almost happened”, “The negative consequences showed indicators that we have been improving today, pointing to 2022 being the year with less violence.”

Despite this, Ospina also added that “the outbreak has made it possible for us to understand the differentiated and symbolic relationships” and precisely for this reason the new monument to the founder of the city, Sebastián de Belalcázar, will carry a plaque recognizing acts of slavery towards African and indigenous communities.

The mayor concluded by cordially inviting tourists to attend the Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival “The Petronius” which will take place in the capital of salsa from August 10 to 15.

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