Mayer Candelo Cali Teófilo Gutiérrez: Mayer Candelo: “I can’t say I lost because of Teo” | Sports

Candelo Mayertechnical director of Deportivo Caliassumed responsibility for the bad moment experienced by the Valle del Cauca team, after being thrashed at home against Envigado for the fifth date of Colombian football. Candelo preferred not to mention Teófilo Gutiérrez, absent for this engagement.

“A negative situation, unfortunately it was not a good moment today. We continue to fail individually, collectively. There are no excuses, this is work every day, if there is someone responsible it has to be me, not my players, that’s why I came alone. I’m the one who trains them and if they haven’t done things right it’s because they haven’t understood the message, so I’ll save them today from the times we’re living. We will continue working to find the best of them and be able to achieve results”, commented the former player at the end of the match.

Candelo responded about the absence of Teófilo Gutiérrez: “I have to talk about the 18 players who were there today, not the ones who are not, because today I can’t say that I lost because of Teo or won because of Teo. Theo was not so I can’t put him on a payroll where he isn’t, to talk about a topic that isn’t his today. He was not in the 18 players and it is not feasible to talk about those who are not.”

“If that team looks so messy it’s because they haven’t understood the message or I don’t train them well”, he added about it with self-criticism.

Finally, Mayer Candelo assured that he has not shown a bad moment within the team since his arrival. “Since I’ve been here, no. Here there are no problems, there are no difficulties, there are no differences between players, coaching staff and managers. We have tried to unite, work as a team, seeking their freedom of expression, so that they can have that good communication, dialogue with their coach, with the managers, us with them to make our team a good family. Here we need a good result, whether we play well or not so well to be able to fill ourselves with confidence”.

Cali’s next game will be this Saturday at Bogota before the leader millionaires, a team where the Valle del Cauca strategist also triumphed as a player and to whom the fans hold great affection.

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