Massacre in Cauca leaves three young people murdered | Judicial

INDEPAZ announced this Monday, August 1, the murder of three young men who would have been held by illegal groups in the village of “La Chinchera” in the municipality of Mercaderes, Cauca.

Is about Apolinar Montero, Mauricio Majin and Cristian Caicedowho were from Argelia, Cauca and according to INDEPAZ would have been held by an armed group and later killed.

It is important to remember that a few days ago the Ombudsman had issued a Early Warning (004/22) by electoral risks and in it he pointed out the violent dynamics in the south-west of the country.

Among them the imposition of violent mechanisms to have social control against peasants, indigenous people, Afro-Colombian communities and other urban communities that inhabit the areas of their interest.

It is presumed that these facts could be the responsibility of the ELN or structures of the Western Joint Command.

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