Massacre in Cauca is due to retaliation between gangs: Mayor of La Unión | 6AM Today by Today

The mayor of the municipality of The Union, Cauca’s Valley, William Palomino spoke on 6AM Hoy por Hoy, from Caracol Radio, about the murder of five young in the morning hours of last Sunday July 30. According to their statements, this fact was due to an alleged retaliation between criminal gangs.

At approximately 8:00 a.m., five people were killed and five others were injured in the Citadel neighborhood. According to Mayor Palomino, advances in the investigation by the National Police indicate that this event is due to conflict of two criminal groups who commit crimes in the sector in matters related to the microtraffic.

“Some people, who unfortunately lost their lives, had criminal records, which reinforces the hypothesis of the Police,” said the president.

What is known so far about the possible perpetrators of the massacre is that it was perpetrated by “two people who were traveling on a motorcycle”. The investigative bodies advance the processes that may lead to the capture of those involved.

Meanwhile, the mayor stated that: “the confrontation is taking place between two gangs known as the monkeys and the fantastic, one under the command of alias el cabezón and another under the command of alias el seis”.

Additionally, faced with the concern of a possible revenge, the National Police has provided reinforcement workshops and on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office, an investigation group assists in the prompt arrest of those responsible That’s how William Palomino told it.

The north of the department of Cauca’s Valley lives a critical reality about the exacerbation of microtrafficking by criminal gangs. Palomino assured that: “this situation is historic in this region” and that they are carrying out joint strategies with the National Police that allows counteract this phenomenon.

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