Marta Lucía Ramírez Canal del Dique: Vice President denies having any interest in contracting the Canal del Dique | Politics

In a statement, the Vice President and Chancellor, Marta Lucía Ramírez, denied have particular interests against the contract of the project of the Dam Channelensuring that neither she, her husband or her family owns land or property to which they benefit the project.

“Never in my life have I had a particular interest in that project, nor am I the owner of land or property benefiting from said work, nor am my husband or my family. My only goal has been Improve Life Quality of the inhabitants of 20 riverside municipalities of Sucre, Bolivar and Atlanticand reduce the risk faced by 1.5 million people,” said the chancellor.

According to Ramírez, she has been one of the promoters of this project because it is urgent to stop the environmental consequences, protect the Bay of Cartagena and the coral affected by sedimentation.

“We agree that this is a strategic project for the environmental, social and economic future of the The Caribbean Regionand therefore we decided structure it so that the resources of the Nation concur with those of the Departments and also with resources of the sector privatehe added.

The chancellor recalled that the Canal del Dique project has been under discussion for several years and was initially prioritized by the government of Juan Manuel Santos through the Intermodal Transport Master Plan of 2015, it also indicated that it has no supervision over the project.

“The functions assigned by decree 1714 of 2018, in the infrastructure sector, were withdrawn from the Vice Presidency of Colombia. Consequently, my interaction with the project in the last year has been limited to knowing the specific information to which the President of the ANI, Manuel Felipe Gutiérrez, and to the specific matters brought to the Commission in which a plurality of entities participate. No I make decisions about infrastructure nor do I have power in making hiring decisions, which are totally and exclusively the responsibility of the Transportation portfolio, Invías and ANI”, he explained.

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