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Nine people are captured by the corruption scandal of a group that led the Senator of the Liberal Party Mario Castaño. One more is a fugitive from justice, Juan Carlos Martinez, the right hand of the senator. The hearings of this judicial process have allowed us to understand how this structure, dedicated to plundering State resources, acted.

The prosecution intercepted 3535 calls of the telephone lines of the organized criminal group and from there he collected all the evidence for the imputation of those captured. The puppets had several companies at the service of their criminal act, some of their own, with millionaire contracts signed with the Condition and others used as a front for the awarding of contracts irregularly.

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The company that appears the most in the records of the prosecution it is Top Engineering SAS, which belongs to Santiago Castano. According to Prosecutor Angela Cordoba Carrerathe company was left with contracts that Castaño finally executed, who also took advantage of his position to modify the company’s accounting information in order to hide irregularities.

Regarding Santiago Castaño, the Prosecutor’s Office also assured that he will be investigated for drug trafficking and money laundering.

According to Electronic System for Public Procurement, Top Ingeniería SAS was awarded at least 36 state contracts between August 2016 and November 2021, totaling more than one thousand four hundred million pesos. Most of those contracts are with the department of Caldas and their municipalities, but there are also some with Risaralda and Antioquia.

The second place in the top of the Prosecutor’s Office is for the Pacific Distribution Company SAwhich sells electricity from the crashed This company has at least 40 contracts with the State, according to the Secop page, totaling more than 359 billion pesos.

The Pacific Distribution Company It is constituted as a joint stock company, of which 99% corresponds to the Treasury. However, in one of the calls analyzed by the Prosecutor’s Office, one of those captured, Jéiler Sánchez Moreno, says that Mario Castaño owns half of that company.

The prosecutor also mentions that Juan Carlos Martínez and one of those captured, Alexander Norena, are involved in acts of corruption that sought to obtain contracts for that energy company. Thus, they agreed percentages of profit for the manager Jorge Hernán Mesa and other contractors.

Another of the companies mentioned is Icodín SAS, an engineering firm dedicated to the construction, design and supervision of civil works that, according to Secop, has had 34 contracts with the State between 2012 and 2021, for more than 15 thousand millions of pesos. That company is mentioned along with Ecoinco SAS, which has had eleven contracts with the State between 2014 and 2022, for more than 2,100 million pesos.

According to the prosecutor, there are two contracts whose call was opened on November 25, 2021, but Santiago Castanoone of the captured puppets, says in a call on November 10, fifteen days before the call was opened, that he already knew that Ecoinco and Icodín would win the award.

The last company mentioned by the Prosecutor’s Office is Uncivil Prowhich served as a facade for a contract of 24 million 960 thousand pesos with the municipality of La Merced, in Caldas, whose purpose was to carry out the adaptation and maintenance of the facade of the Mayor’s Office of that municipality.

The legal representative of Incivil Pro, Alexánder Patiño Torres, appears in one of the calls intercepted by the Prosecutor’s Office. According to the reading of the conversation, there is talk of obtaining some documents to justify the award of a contract that ended up in the hands of the company Top Engineering.

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