María Fortunato referees women’s Copa América final: María Fortunato, a guarantee referee for the Copa América final | Sports

By: Joseph Borda

Mary Laura Fortunato is the 37-year-old Argentine referee who will whistle the final of the Women’s America Cup 2022 Come in Colombia Y Brazil, in the EAlfonso Lopez Stadium from the city of Bucaramanga.

Fortunato has a lot of experience in the international arena in women’s competitions, as this is her third participation in the highest tournament for senior women’s teams on the continent. He was in Ecuador in 2014 and Chile 2018.

Among the outstanding games that this gaucho judge has directed is the match for bronze in Tokyo 2020 Come in USAAustralia and the end of the Women’s Libertadores Cup 2021. On March 10, 2016 he was in a game Colombia vs Brazil, but in the U-17 category in Venezuela, the result was a goalless draw.

In the Copa América played in our country, Argentina had already refereed the Colombian National Team in their match against Ecuador, where he won 2-1, and his performance was outstanding.

Reaches the Final as the second referee with the best average effective game time, reaching 53% and it is one of the ones that lets play the most because just per game he whistles 22 fouls. A curious fact about this Argentine judge is that she was the one who gave the most additional time in the tournament, 8 minutes and 47 seconds, including both times.

María Laura is a judge who gives fluidity to the game, assesses fouls well, positions herself and runs the field well, refereeing shows that she knows her job well, in fact, the performance in two World Cups, a U-17 in Jordan in 2016 and the other older in France In 2019 they have made her a better referee, it was a great success of the Conmebol Referees Commission when selecting her for the most important match of the championship and I think that if she does her job as we are used to, the game will not give her many problems.

The experienced Argentine judge will be accompanied by her compatriots Mariana de Almeida Y Diana Milone.

Two novelties will have the final match, the first, VAR will be implemented, demonstrating the development of its referees and always betting on sports justice within the field of play. This will be in charge of the Paraguayan referee Zulma Quinonez who participates operating the technology in the men’s league of their country; although it must be said Conmebol was indebted to women’s national team soccer, by not implementing video arbitration throughout the competitionYoa.

The second novelty if they are tied in the regulation 90 minutes there will be two extra periods of 15 minutes and if the tie persists, kicks will be taken from the penalty spot.

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