Marcelo Pecci: Death of prosecutor in Barú: they would have paid $200 thousand for jet ski rental | Cartagena

The National Police released a photograph revealing the identity of a person allegedly involved in the events, where Paraguayan anti-drug prosecutor Marcelo Pecci was killed.

Enter the alert group of Caracol Radio Cartagena

The photograph shows a man dressed in a T-shirt and black shorts with a beige hat, which was captured by a security camera installed in a nearby establishment.

They murdered a Paraguayan prosecutor in Barú, Cartagena: he was on his honeymoon

In addition Radius Snail learned that those responsible for this fact, they would have rented a jet ski for 200 thousand pesos for a period of 30 minutes, and in 16 minutes they delivered the vehicle to the island town of Playa Blanca.

According to some locals, sIt is about foreign citizens who took the service and suspiciously quickly returned the jet ski.

After some intelligence work, The police institution requested collaboration from the community to find the location of this person who took the life of prosecutor Peccy.

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