Man convicted of not paying taxes was elected comptroller in Guainía

When there are heartaches, it is said that time helps to heal those wounds. John Jairo Escobar tried to apply the same formula, but it didn’t work out quite right.

In 2004 he was the legal representative of the company Cooperative of Technical Management Projects Proteger AC. Nevertheless, the 16th Criminal Court of the Bogota Circuit sentenced him to 36 months in prison and disqualified him from exercising public functions because he did not pay withholding taxes at the source.

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The High Court of the country’s capital confirmed the decision and the Supreme Court of Justice He rejected the request for cassation, that is, to review and try to overturn the conviction. According to the file known to Caracol Radio, in total, there were 217 million 850 thousand pesos that he did not consign to the DIAN.

Escobar served his sentence and let time pass to later present his resume to be comptroller of a department where nobody knew him, Guainía. The 11 deputies of the Assembly voted unanimously: They elected him as the head of the control body in charge of protecting and monitoring public money for a period of four years! This is stated in act 002 of the departmental duma on January 13, 2022.

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There are several hypotheses that the authorities should investigate. Escobar did not present his criminal record in his resume and the deputies did not notice it. If so, why didn’t they go, via the Internet, to the Attorney General’s Office or the National Police to consult the files?

And the other possibility is that there is a possible illegal interest in the election of Escobar as comptroller, who is currently suspended.

That’s why, A complaint will be filed this week with the Attorney General’s Office. to investigate the deputies Jahir Alberto Bedoya Sánchez, Darwin Danilo Henao Cañón, Luis Enrique Hernández Lozano, Eldon Martínez Guerrero, Luis Eduardo Mosquera AcostaNelson Evelio Palomar Hernández, Jorge Wilson Pava Serrato, Harol Augusto Rodríguez Gaitán, Leidy Viviana Suarez Unda, Héctor Augusto Tejada Rojas and Jorge Alejandro Velez Vasquez.

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