Luis Díaz Liverpool Mexico: Luis Díaz was offered to a Mexican team and they rejected him for an unusual reason | Sports

The footballer he became louis diaz with his passage to Liverpool of England has led to the revelation of possible destinations that the Colombian had in the deck when he was in the Junior before making his way to Europe and even before finishing arriving at the English box.

As is well known, River Plate It was one of the teams that entered into a dispute to take over the services of the peasant between 2018 and 2019. Likewise, a short time ago the interest that Barcelona had to incorporate the player of the Colombian National Team before his arrival at ‘The Reds’ and there was even talk of a pre-agreement.

Now, from Mexico, the journalist from Halftime Francisco Arredondo reported that the winger could have reached soccer in this country, more specifically the Atlas, in which Camilo Vargas from Bogotá now stands out.

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“Four years ago, the Colombian Luis Díaz, from Liverpool in England, was offered to the then board, but they considered that they did not see a future for him“Commented the communicator, adding that the price offered was also very high for a young player.

“They rejected the proposal that was presented to them to get the services of this soccer player, which cost close to 1.5 million dollars. It was considered that it would not be profitable to sign a foreign player so young“He mentioned about it.

Toluca was the other club that was interested in the peasantwho finally made the decision to make the leap to the Old Continent and ended up arriving at Porto in 2019, cub in which he would take a big step to arrive at Liverpool this year.

Now, 25-year-old Luis Díaz is experiencing his first full preseason with the Jurgen Kloppafter having won two titles (FA Cup and League Cup) in his first six months, as well as reaching the final of the Champions League.

Liverpool will dispute the first trophy of the new campaign this Saturday, once against Manchester City at Wembley for the Community Shield. On the other hand, the debut premier league will be before him Fulham next August 6.

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