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East saturday july 30 arrives LOS40 Urban Fest an experience for those who enjoy listening reggaeton musicalthough there will also be demonstrations of Freestyle.

Opening the event will be a DJ putting live the best and most famous songs of the urban genrefor “warm up engines”

Then, there will be a moment of ‘Urban Download’, dedicated to those artists of the genre that are emerging and have a great projection. The high-level show will be in charge of the artists Alessandro D, Kevin Bury, Kamm and Teo Becerra.

Another of the most special moments will be the Freestyle exhibition by professional freestyle improvisation league FMSwhere four important references of the Freestyle scene in Colombia will be presented in a 2 vs 2 confrontation.

Lyrics, Chang, Elevn and Philosopher It will be the four Freestylers who will give the public a great demonstration of this genre. This presentation seeks to bring the attendees closer to this movement that has been generating great impact and interest in young people.

Also, the event will continue with the ‘Live Mixton Show’, where the djs will be presented simultaneously John Marin Y Jarlinzon Rodriguez with a performance that includes dancers and animation.

The great festival will conclude with the presentation of great artists of the genre such as Mr. Black, Dalmatian and Cali and the Dandeethe ones in charge of the central show that will make the public sing and dance with all their musical successes.

The tickets to the great event you will be able to acquire them listening LOS40 Urban 100.4; calling the 3265570 or writing to the line WhatsApp 314 4181004.

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