Legal proceedings: Court canceled the credential of Susana Muhamad as councilor of Bogotá | Judicial

When reviewing an annulment claim filed by former candidate César Alfonso García Vargas, the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca agreed with him and determined that there were failures in the counting of the votes that made up the Council of Bogotá in 2019.

In the 74-page ruling, the magistrates argued that due to these flaws it is appropriate to cancel the councilor’s credential of Susana Muhamad and instead declare the election as councilor of Bogotá for the 2020-2023 electoral period of Mr. César Alfonso García Vargas.

Consequently, Mr. César Alfonso García Vargas, plaintiff in this process and candidate for the Radical Change Party The fifth seat for that political party corresponds to him, a seat that had been assigned to the Coal. Colombia Humana specifically the one assigned to number 4 of that closed list”. says the error

The decision was forwarded to the National Electoral Council and the Registrar’s Office.

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