Las Palmas: They declare a manifest urgency to intervene the enormous cracks in Las Palmas | Medellin

For two months the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and SIATA carried out studies on Las Palmas Avenue, at the height of the Intercontinental Hotel, where the problem of sinking and cracking of the way

After detecting the failure of the filtration of the Yerbabuena creek, which passes through the area, for now they will start with some mitigation workon the asphalt layer. Subsequently, the same firm that carried out the studies in 2004 will be contracted to update them and thus determine the definitive work.

Natalia Urregosecretary of Physical Infrastructure, affirmed that “really the deterioration in this month and a half was aggressive and accelerated, it is not that we are not worried about the movement but today the condition of increased risk It is the coverage of the creek that could put the operation of the Las Palmas road at risk.”

The firm’s studies, at the time, detected that within the extension of Las Palmas avenue, to the ascending roadway a bridge was placed while the descending roadway was did a fillingwhich apparently was not the best decision.

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“We have destined 2 billion of weights. We have the start-up act and as of last Wednesday there is a contractor with the supervision and a consultant who is supporting. We initially expect a deadline no later than December this year,” added the official.

In Las Palmas declared the manifest urgency and for that reason they will prioritize resources to be able to provide a solution. The work of the mitigation plan will be carried out in a night time. Every day the road will be partially closed on both carriageways from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

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