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Kansas became the first US state to protect abortion rights in a referendum.after the Supreme Court of Justice annulled the law known as Roe Vs Wade.

Kansas residents voted in favor of maintaining this right as it is regulated by the Constitution of the state that allows the abortion up to week 22. With 95% of the votes counted, 60% voted in favor of maintaining access to abortion.

With shouts, cheers and hugs Kansas residents celebrated the results, Kansas residents who supported abortion spoke out. “I am very proud to be from Kansas, I feel that now the state is going to protect me and all the women of the state” said an American.

This vote in a traditionally conservative state indicates that abortion is an issue that affects Americans regardless of their political affiliation. Registered Republicans far outnumber Democrats in Kansas.

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According to experts, this result also could affect turnout in November midterm elections that would define if the Republicans take control of Congress or if the Democrats continue with a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives, at a time when those who are in favor of abortion, they ask legislators to codify this right.

This is the first referendum that a state of the country celebrates after the Supreme Court ruling that annulled the “Roe vs. Wade” sentence, and gave the states the power to legislate on the subject.

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