Justice by their own hands: thieves were beaten and stripped to the south of Bogotá | Bogota

It was recorded on video when the community of use mesouth of Bogota, rholds two men strips them naked, hits them and puts them in a river in the sector, apparently because they had committed a robbery.

Faced with this fact, Lieutenant Colonel savior tableinspection officer of the Metropolitan Police, stated that when the incident became known, hospital care was provided to the subjects.

“Yesterday (August 1) two subjects were beaten by the community in the Usme sector and were given emergency hospital care because, upon verification, Apparently these subjects had participated on previous occasions in the theft of telephone cable in the sector.” the officer pointed out.

According to the authorities, a complaint was never registered, so the men were released.

“When carrying out verifications on possible complaints, no complaint found so we invite the community to make the corresponding complaintssaid the commander.

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