Judicial Proceedings: Uribe Case: Prosecutor summons Juan Guillermo Monsalve and Deyanira Gómez to testify | Judicial

Caracol Radio learned that the prosecution again cinvited to testify the main witness Juan Guillermo Monsalve and his ex-wife Deyanira Gómezin the process against the former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez for alleged purchase of witnesses and procedural fraud.

According to the document known by Caracol Radio, the Third Delegate prosecutor before the Court, Javier Francisco Cárdenas, requests that this procedure be scheduled for the week between June 28 and July 1, or, also from July 4 to 8. .

The prosecutor of the case also asks the lawyer that through his intermediation, Óscar Arturo Monsalve and Luz Marina Pineda Muñoz, father and mother of Juan Guillermo Monsalve, are cited.

Miguel Ángel del Río, lawyer of the aforementioned, He replies that they will not attend the proceedings because he considers that there are no guarantees on the part of the Prosecutor’s Office.

“It is that the representation of victims in this file has served the prosecution as defendants and the accused as a victim in a deteriorated exercise of punitive power.”

He added that there are enough concurring statements by Mr. MONSALVE PINEDA and Mrs. DEYANIRA GOMEZ inside the file, including the last one provided on January 13 at the preclusion request hearing.

The proceedings carried out by the Attorney General’s Office are part of the gaps found by the judge who denied the preclusion of the case in favor of the defendant that the accusing entity had requested.

The Prosecutor’s Office summoned the main witness Juan Guillermo Monsalve and his ex-wife Deyanira Gómez to testify, in the process against former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez / CARACOL RADIO

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