Juan Camilo Restrepo Mayor Medellín: Mayor (in) of Medellín has received threats against him and his family | 6AM Today by Today

The mayor Manager Medellin, John Camilo RestrepoI speak in 6AM Today by Today about his possession, his first actions as mayor in charge and the threats he has received in recent hours.

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Juan Camilo Restrepo referred to the indications that have been made to him about the possibility of him being a representative of the GEA Group and his exercise as mayor in charge: “No sir, I make several comments, I come to the city where I was born, which saw me grow up, with a message of institutionality. I come in compliance with a control body, to work for this city, I want to help find a solution to the problems that the Medellinenses have.

“It is with this spirit that I come to the city of Medellín, to unite it. The leadership of the 21st century is what unites the public sector and the private sector. I have very good relations not only with one sector of the business community, but with a good part of it. This is a city that is due to the historical work between the public and the private, so this is Juan Camilo Restrepo, a man who in his 18 years of functional life feels very proud to have a resume like the have.”

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