JEP: “The JEP is not silencing the victims, it is respecting the process” | Judicial

The reporting magistrate of case 01 of kidnappings, Juliet Lemaitreresponded to the discomfort expressed by the victim, sigifredo lopezduring the recent version of those appearing in the former Exfarc Western Bloc, in which he came out upset saying that the truth is hidden and there is no reparation for the victims if they cannot ask.

Lemaitre explained that in this process, first Victim reports receivedthen it summons the appearing a version of what was said in those documents, then the victims make observations and in the versions those affected only intervene through lawyersbut that at no time is silencing the victims, but respecting the process that is approved.

“Mr sigifredo lopez In the exercise of his profession, he chose to represent himself, but because of the emotional burden, I understand that the attorney requested that, since he was accompanied by a lawyer, let the lawyer speak and not him. But what was not transmitted because it was not leaked is that it was evident to those of us who were watching, without being psychologists, that there was an affectation. The Jurisdiction has enormous respect for your situation and your point of view. But I did want to defend the lady attorney because what she was asking for was that the process be followed as it has been followed for everyoneis that, in that space of the voluntary versionsspeaking is the lawyer and not the victim”.

The face to face of the victims and the perpetrators only occurs when they have accepted their responsibility for the facts imputed to them by the Special Jurisdiction for Peaceand those are the rules and the psychosocial care of the victims is privileged and Sigifredo López’s intervention was not recommended at that time.

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