JEP Minjusticia Desacato: The JEP archived the incident of contempt of the Minjusticia | Judicial

The JEP archived the incident of contempt that it had initiated against the Minister of Justice, Wilson Ruiz.

The Section of Absence of Recognition of Truth of the JEP indicates that Yes, there were responses by Minister Ruiz to a questionnaire that was sent last April and that was related to the submission of criminal organizations, within the framework of collective precautionary measures that seek to protect the signatories of the Peace Agreement.

The magistracy of the case indicated that, lhe responses to that request were sent to the JEP, but never made it to the official file, due to an error in the way the ministry sent those communications.

“It cannot be affirmed that this was intentional and now, with the necessary support sent by the Minister through the appropriate channel, the orders are considered satisfied. and in that order, the contempt procedure against him will be filed, urging the ministry to use institutional channels to respond to the orders issued by the JEP”.

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