JEP kidnapped victims of the FARC: The kidnapped were treated as merchandise by the FARC | Judicial

Jonathan Mulford narrates 22 years later the nightmare of being kidnapped when he was 15 years old and was enjoying a family weekend with his mother, brothers and cousins ​​that ended in tragedy. His mother implored the FARC that he will let them go, they agreed, but she had to stay.

Jonathan’s mother spent two months kidnapped while his father did tricks to get a billion pesos, which was what they asked for his ransom. She was released, a family was reunited, but the consequences of that hell are still present in her life.

These kidnappings for economic purposes did not last long, but the physical and psychological torture is such that they even told the hostage that his family did not want to pay and that is why they were going to raise the rate, when it was a hoax, because at home they sold their things and borrowed money to rescue their loved ones from hell. Diva told how they ended the family union because of that lie.

Edward Diaz when he was 14 years old he saw how they took his father away and today at 34 years old looking into the eyes of the exFARC He told them with the pain that accompanies him for not knowing where his father is that they are the worst disease Colombia has ever had.

These testimonies and others were heard during the 11 hours and five minutes that lasted the second day of hearings in which the seven members of the last secretary of the Farc faced the victims of the extortive kidnappings and asked for forgiveness.

On the third and final day, kidnapping as social control will be addressed.

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