Iván Duque what will the president do at the end of his term: President Iván Duque says he will be a professor in the Army | 6AM Today by Today

At 46 years old, Ivan Duke will be former president of Colombia starting at three in the afternoon on August 7. He leaves the Presidency very young and with a lot of free time, and he will enjoy it in Colombia or in Washington, where he has an apartment.

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Faced with the uncertainty of a permanent job after retiring, President Duque reaffirmed his loyalty and commitment to the Military forces at a promotion ceremony. That day he said that he would be an honorary professor at the Army’s training schools.

Duque’s self-offering is quite unique considering his military record: his three defense ministers faced a motion of censure for multiple violations of the Human rights, which included bombings of camps where there were children; the absence of the state allowed more than 250 massacres during his government; and the obscurantism of his high-ranking military led us to return to talking about false positives in Colombia, as in the case of Dimar Torres and what happened a few weeks ago in Puerto Leguizamo, Putumayo. All of the above, without forgetting the massacres that took place in Bogotá and in other cities during the 2021 protests, which claimed the lives of more than 80 young people.

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In any other country, this record would have cost the President of the Republic his job, but in Colombia it allows him to be a professor in the Army.

The option of being a teacher is one more, because recently daniel colonel revealed that the President Duke also wants to be magistrate of the Constitutional Court a decade from now, when I’m 56. This was stated to the magistrates of the Court that he invited to dinner at the Casa de Nariño.

President Duque is also looking for work in the Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations Refugee Agencybut, as has transpired, his performance as president has closed all doors.

With or without a job, Duque leaves the Presidency with a life pension that is close to 40 million pesos monthly.

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