International Criminal Court will receive report on victims of the armed conflict | Judicial

How Caracol Radio found out about it, it is a document called “The complementarity of justice in Colombia: a contribution to the fight against impunity for international crimes”, which sent Lawyers Without Borders Canada to the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court and to the Pre-Trial Chamber with cases of victims of the armed conflict that this organization has guided in order to start doing the respective investigations.

At the same time, the report aims to contribute to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) and establish criminal responsibilities in the context of the armed conflict that the country has experienced. Obstacles to justice are also highlighted in the face of the effective prosecution of sexual and gender crimes.

Regarding the follow-up of the process, the director of Lawyers Without Borders Canada in Colombia, Stelsie Arengers, ensures that It will be done in three parts.

“In the next weeks we are going to hold bilateral meetings with the key actors in transitional justice in Colombia, groups of victims’ representatives, civil society organizations and groups of victims in the territories,” Arengers stated.

These meetings will be held in order to know the conclusions and the content of this report that “seeks make a contribution to the search for justice and truth for the victims of these international crimes”.

Also follow-up will be done directly with the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and so that the methodology, content and conclusions that are being drawn from the report can be known in detail.

“Finally, within the framework of the collaboration agreement that we have with the JEP, we are going to continue supporting the different scenarios of that jurisdiction so that the conclusions of the report can be used as a tool for that entity”, pointed out the director of ASFC.

In addition, in the document to which Caracol Radio had access, it is evident that the process of accreditation of victims before the JEP is taking up to nine months from the request and the representatives of victims say that there are no unified criteria for their participation, giving rise to different practices according to the decision of each magistrate, and according to the macro case, which interrupts the process.

“Although it is considered that there is a generalized practice on the part of the magistrates to try to guarantee the right to participation of the victims (for example, through the creation of mirror rooms during the voluntary versions to guarantee the anonymity of the identity of the victim), various obstacles are evident that, on occasions, prevent it, ”says the document.

Also, it is important to emphasize that the report indicates that given the diversity of violent situations that occur in each macro case is wide, the participation of a representative on behalf of all victims is limiting.

And finally, the document makes it clear that apart from acts of sexual violence are made invisible, there are other differential impacts of the armed conflict on women and LGBTI+ people that also go unnoticed.

“The foregoing denotes the absence of an effective gender approach in the investigation of crimes of this nature,” emphasizes the report.

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